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A culinary fantasy for children  from age 4

While cooking his muffins, a cook pops out stories, images and games. This is his specialty. He cooks words and plays with food like never before. More than a cook, he’s a magician that lays his own eggs and cooks up a soup-to-grow-up. In the privacy of his kitchen, he welcomes the spectators as if they were apprentice-cooks. He opens them his cupboards bursting with memories and curiosities, unfolding a universe of sensuality, childlike exaggerations and two-cent magic. But will he succeed in finding the fire to light his oven ?

This absolutely fun play combines acting performances, puppets and object theatre while following the muffin recipe cooked right on stage with real ingredients. A culinary experience with a dash of fantasy !.

On stage : an actor and a puppeteer.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Capacity : 125 spectators.
Required height : 12 feets (3,66 m)
Area required for the stage and audience : 20 x 30 feet (6,10 m x 9,15 m).


A puppet theater-kitchen
The audience sits on the set close to the stage. This placement allows for an optimal close-up interaction and listening quality. A puppeteer hidden at the back of the display animates the objects and puppets.




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